Automobile Parts Manufacturing-Industry Specifics And Trends
How Many Types Of Piston Rings Are Available In Manufacturers' Stock? Automotive components market is growing with pace- manufacturing firms are making more innovative products to live up the competition. There are piston rings, cylinder heads, gears, engine spares, and much more in the list of foundries. In this post, we will share the information about distinct types of piston rings available in the stock of manufacturing firms. A piston ring is a split metal ring fitted inside the internal combustion engines that is located around the piston head's outer diameter. Foundries are making these rings from steel and iron. There are multiple rings placed on the single piston head and each one of them serves a specific function. The basic types of rings used inside the piston head are compression or pressure ring, scraper ring, oil control ring. Pressure Or Compression Rings The pressure ring is usually located over the top of the piston head (at the combustion chamber side). The purpose of compression rings is to seal combustion gases from the combustion chamber/ cylinder from leaking down inside the crankcase. It is also used for transmitting heat to the cylinder walls from the piston. It is sometimes also known as top ring in some engines due to its placement. Intermediate Rings These are placed next to compression rings. Intermediate or scraper rings are used to wipe off oil that is left behind by the oil rings. They also smear the oil over cylinder walls to ensure proper lubrication of compression rings. These are also used with compression rings to seal off combustion gases and heat inside the combustion chamber. Oil Control Rings These types of rings are used for controlling the amount and economy of lubricating oil that is being used by user for engine. These rings are located beneath the piston, from the crank case side. Oil control piston rings ensure evenly spreading of oil in cylinder walls and scraping excessive oil off the walls and sending it to the crank case.
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